Crime Prevention Tips For Businesses

The Thunder Bay Police Service is asking business owners to help protect their commercial premises following Ontario’s announcement that non-essential businesses must close. The TBPS wants to work with businesses in these unprecedented times to prevent crime and stop criminals from taking advantage of this situation. To learn more about the provincial announcement, and what businesses are considered essential during this COVID-19 related closure, visit the Government of Ontario online here. 

On this page, the Thunder Bay Police Service is providing resources and information to assist businesses in protecting their properties and preventing crime during these temporary closures.

Business Security Checklist:

On March 17, 2020 the Government of Ontario enacted a Declaration of Emergency to protect the public from COVID-19. Following this announcement, the TBPS, with assistance and input from the City of Thunder Bay's Crime Prevention Council and local Business Improvement Areas, produced a Business Security Checklist. You can view, download and print a copy of the Business Security Checklist here

Or, for a quick reference, review the items on the Security Checklist below: 

 Keep the lights on
 Remove ALL cash and receipts
 Do not leave any valuables clearly visible or accessible
 All safes and tills should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage
 Keep all cash drawers open to show that nothing is in the drawers
 All ATM’s should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage
 All alcohol products removed from bar and put in secured storage areas (no
alcohol left visible from outside)
 Consider posting “NO CASH or Valuables on Premises” signage
 Deactivate all scheduled FOB door openings (ie. Cleaners, deliveries, etc)
 Disconnect all kitchen gas lines from their gas source

Business owners, please make regular site visits to monitor your shop or business and to manage inventory and storage conditions. Consider scattering the times this is done to not establish a pattern.

Additional Considerations (not included on the checklist)

Consider installing an alarm monitoring system. If you already have one, ensure the contact list is up to date.

Clearly post signage on the door/window to indicate that the premises are monitored by an alarm company; that no money is kept on the premises and contact information for police and the business owner in case a member of the public sees damage to the property or suspicious activity.

If the premises are closed for an extended period of time, clean all glass surfaces and create a tracking log of when cleaning was completed. This may help investigators with suspect fingerprints in the event of a break-in.

Consider installing a surveillance camera system that can be monitored online by owner/management.

Consider using a laminate on all windows and glass doors to prevent the glass from being broken from blunt force. Although damage to glass will occur in a break-in attempt, it will greatly discourage or prevent entry.

Install latch guards on doors to protect against prying including on secondary doors such as employee and loading entrances.


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