Apartment Safety



  • Never allow strangers into the building when entering or exiting. Be aware of suspicious people loitering near the entrance. They may reach for the open door.  If they are there for legitimate reasons, they will buzz whoever they are seeing for entry.
  • Stay alert when entering your apartment complex. Don’t be distracted (i.e. using your cell phone). Criminals look for a weak target. They are more likely to pass someone who appears focused, aware and strong.
  • Never buzz anyone you do not know into the building. If someone should legitimately be inside the complex area, prior arrangements would have been made with the tenant and/or property owner.
  • Get to know the people who live on your floor. This will help you identify strangers. Good neighbours look after each other.
  • Report any poorly lit areas like entranceways and hallways or any overgrown shrubbery to the property owner.
  • Only list your first initial and your last name on the tenant directory board.

Elevator safety

  • See who is in the elevator before entering. If someone looks suspicious do not enter - wait for the next one to come.
  • When in the elevator, stand near the control panel so you can easily press the alarm/emergency button.
  • If a suspicious person enters the elevator after you, exit before the doors close.


  • Ensure that all the locks have been changed prior to moving in.
  • If you lose your keys, immediately replace your locks.
  • All suite doors should have peepholes. If you do not have one, request one.
  • Regardless of how long you are away, always lock your door. Criminals can enter your suite in seconds.
  • Collect your newspapers and other packages on a daily basis - never let your mailbox over flow.
  • Purchase timers for your indoor lights. Set them to turn on when you are gone for the evening.
  • Keep a broom handle or longer piece of wood in the track of any sliding glass doors to prevent them from being opened from the outside.
  • Make a list of your valuables and keep accurate logs. Include identifying factors like serial numbers or engravings.
  • It is good practice to lock your door immediately upon entering your apartment.  This way if someone was to gain access to your floor, they will not gain access to your apartment.

Going on vacation

  • Inform a trusted neighbour when you are leaving and when you expect to return. Ask them to pick up any items that are left outside your door or mailbox.
  • Cancel all deliveries, like the newspaper, during your vacation.
  • Do not leave a voice message indicating that you are out of town.


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