THEFT PREVENTION TIPS                                  

  • Use a U-shaped bicycle lock to secure your bike to a bike rack. Using a U-shaped lock on the frame and a cable lock system to secure the wheels to the frame is recommended. Always lock up your bicycle – theft takes seconds.
  • Lock all removable parts like the wheels. Take any removable items, such as lights and odometers, with you.
  • Ensure the lock on the bike is difficult to move when secured. Always keep the lock away from the ground; thieves may try to smash it. Ensure the gap between the bike and the lock is small.
  • Even when stored on private property, ensure your bicycle is properly secured in the garage or shed - keep the door locked. Do not put your bike on display.
  • Avoid locking your bike in an isolated area. Lock it where a potential thief can easily be seen.
  • Make a detailed written record of the bicycle model, make, colour and any other unique characteristics. If possible, take a clear, colour photograph of the bike.
  • Record the bicycle serial number. This number is usually located on the bottom of the frame between the pedals. If your bike does not have a serial number, make your own. Mark your bike by engraving your initials or a four-digit number of your choice.
  • Avoid leaving your bicycle visible when temporarily stored in your vehicle. If the bicycle is stored outside the vehicle, on a carrier, ensure that all parts of the bike are secured.



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