Street proofing your child

It is important to point out to parents that there are no absolute guarantees that nothing will happen to a child regardless of what is read or practiced but, the following suggestions can greatly reduce the potential risk to any child.


The responsibilities of your police service is to protect and assist the general public but it is the parents that have the most important responsibility for the safety and security of their children by:

  • Making them aware of potential dangers.
  • To instruct them in procedures to help them recognize and avoid harmful and hazardous situations.
  • Make the children feel comfortable in reporting any incident of potential danger.

This procedure is known as street proofing your children. Street proofing means the ability of a child to recognize a danger or potential danger and to take some appropriate action to avoid it. It includes protection not only against criminal activity but against personal injury as well. It's up to the parents and responsible adults to instill this awareness in their children through instruction and example.

While teaching the child of possible dangers, we must remember to do it in such a way as not to frighten the child or instill fear and paranoia of the outside world. Make it fun to learn. Use games, practice runs, test and always praise their knowledge.


A parent should start street proofing their child as soon as they are old enough to understand what you are saying.



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