Impaired Future

In 2017, Zone Watch members identified impaired driving as a serious and ongoing problem within the community. An awareness campaign was created and identified both impaired driving by alcohol and impaired driving by drug as two separate but equally important issues that needed to be addressed.

A campaign launch took place in November at the Out post, the Lakehead University student pub. The campaign launch received media attention, and gave Zone Watch volunteers and Thunder Bay Police Service officers a chance to speak directly to students about the serious and long-lasting consequences an impaired driving charge could have on them. 

Campaign promotional material was also created to help push this messaging forward. Zone Watch produced PSA videos that were pushed online, and also created PSA advertisements that could be found on buses and billboards in the city. 


Don't Impair Your Future PSA Videos

Don't Impair Your Future - Be A Sober Driver PSA videos can be found on the Thunder Bay Police Service's Facebook page, Twitter account and Youtube page. They were also provided to news media at the November campaign launch. 

Impaired by Alcohol PSA

Impaired by Drug PSA

Impaired Driving Campaign in the News

TBT News - Campaign Launch

Police target youth with new drunk driving campaign - Via



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