PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Spike in fentanyl-linked overdose deaths due to “pink down”

Friday, July 31, 2020 - 13:15
Thunder Bay
Date Published: 2020-07-31

The Thunder Bay Police Service is issuing a public safety alert as the city appears to be in the midst of a spike in overdose deaths linked to fentanyl use.

Recent calls for service and information gathered from outside agencies have led police to believe a spike in drug-related overdoses and deaths is currently occurring.

An investigation has revealed these deaths are likely the result of a supply of a pink-coloured fentanyl-based drug known as “pink down” or “pink dizzy.” This drug supply likely arrived in the community two days ago, is extremely potent, and an investigation suggests Naloxone intervention is not rescuing many overdose victims.

The City of Thunder Bay has the highest per-capita opioid overdose death rate in Ontario. High addiction rates among the city’s vulnerable, along with statistics showing significant and growing trends of opioid-related overdoses and deaths, led first responders and other health officials to declare the issue a community crisis in June 2019.

Overdose cases have led to increased demand on first responders and other health-care services.

If you are struggling with addiction, the Thunder Bay Police Service would like you to be aware that you may be more at risk of coming into contact with fatal and dangerous narcotics at this time. If you know of a loved one struggling with addiction, police encourage you to speak with them about this issue.

If you are concerned about drugs being sold in your neighbourhood please call police at 684-1200 or submit tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222—8477, online at

If you are an addict and have fears or anxiety about coming forward to police, we strongly encourage you to speak with family members or friends who may be able to come forward on your behalf.


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