Reminder regarding Traffic Lights

Incident Date
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 16:45
Thunder Bay
Date Published: 2017-12-05

Just a reminder regarding what to do when approaching a Traffic Light that isn't working or flashing.

If the light isn't operating, Every Driver approaching an intersection shall yield the right of way to any vehicle that has entered it from an intersecting highway - Section 135(2) Highway Traffic Act.

If the light is flashing Red, Every driver approaching a traffic control signal and facing a flashing circular red indication shall stop his or her vehicle, shall yield the right of way to traffic approaching, having so yielded the right away, may proceed - section 144(21) Highway Traffic Act.

Right of way means all vehicles must stop, the vehicle arriving at the intersection first that has come to a complete stop gets to go first. If both vehicles arrive and stop at the same time then the vehicle on the right of the other vehicle, gets to go first.

Best practice is to treat a Traffic Signal that is not operating properly, as a four-way stop.

Please drive safely and don't assume the other driver is able to stop.


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