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Police officers rescue man from fatal opioid overdose

Members of the Community Oriented Response and Engagement (CORE) Unit were conducting a proactive patrol program in the area of Andras Court just after 9:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Shortly after arriving the officers were made aware of an unconscious male inside the building. Officers quickly located the male and found his medical situation to be far more dire than originally believed by the passerby. The male was not breathing and showed signs consistent with opioid overdose.

Officers began administering Naloxone and conducting CPR.

Paramedics with the Superior North EMS were alerted to the situation and dispatched to the scene.

Officers continued their life-saving efforts, and administered multiple doses of Naloxone in an effort to reverse the effects of the opioid overdose.

When paramedics arrived, they supplemented the officers efforts with additional Naloxone. Shortly after this, the male became alert and conscious.

Paramedics transported the male to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further evaluation and treatment.

The timing of this intervention proved critical, and it is believed the male would have succumbed to their overdose had they not received the CPR and Naloxone when they did.


Thunder Bay