Crimes involving murder, abduction, or serious assaults are turned over to investigators in the Criminal Investigation Branch or C.I.B. It's the job of these officers to put together the pieces of the crime in order to make an arrest.

Major investigations such as murder or mysterious disappearances will be assigned a Major Case Manager. It will be that persons responsibility to ensure the proper procedures and protocols are followed by the investigative team to allow for a successful conclusion to the case.

Listed below are some of the various units that make up the Thunder Bay Police Service Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB).

Thunder Bay Police Guns & Gangs Unit

The existence of street level gangs is a problem police services across the country must deal with. Thunder Bay is no exception. The members of the Thunder Bay Police Guns & Gangs Unit are trying to keep a step ahead of the problem in our city.

Forensic Identification Unit

Not all criminal investigations are cut and dry. Sometimes the evidence needed to make an arrest could be a small piece of fiber or a fingerprint. In those instances the officers in the Forensic Identification Unit are the ones called in.

Economic Crime

Counterfeit money, major frauds, Internet Fraud and scams keep the members of the Economic Crime Unit busy!

Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section is the information gathering branch of any police department. The officers will review all information that comes through their office and use that to assist other branches with on-going investigations or set the wheels in motion to begin an investigation into criminal activity.

Crime Analyst

The Crime Analyst is in charge of gathering information on criminal activity, such as break and enters, to determine if there may be a pattern or common theme to the activity.

The Crime Analyst will also keep an up-to-date database of individuals who may be involved in criminal activity. Much of the information gathered by the Crime Analyst will come from observation slips from members of the Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigation and Community Policing Branches.

Youth Section

The Thunder Bay Police Service is dedicated to the protection of our youth.  Kids are special and so is the unit that works on incidents involving the youth of our community.

Child Abuse

In addition to the Youth Section, the Thunder Bay Police also have an investigator that specializes in interviewing small children that are victims of crime.

Crimes Against Seniors

As our population ages, the risks to their safety increases.  The Thunder Bay Police Service has an investigator who is dedicated to the special needs of seniors, f rom investigations involving elderly victims to crime prevention programs.


The Criminal Investigation Branch has two Officers that are responsible for maintaining the Sex Offender Registry, Execution of DNA orders, Drug Exhibits and  Coroner Constable duties.