The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights came into force on July 23, 2015. This Act gives every victim the right to present a victim impact statement and to have the Court or Review Board take it into account when sentencing an accused person or when making other decisions about a person found not criminally responsible. These rights are part of a victim’s right to participation.

Victim Rights in Canada

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What is a victim impact statement?

A victim impact statement is a written statement that describes the physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss that the victim of an offence has suffered. The Court must take the statement into account when sentencing an offender.

The victim impact statement gives victims of crime a voice in the criminal justice system. It allows victims to explain to the Court and the offender, in their own words, how the crime has affected them.

You are entitled to let the court know how this incident has affected you physically, emotionally and financially.  You are not obliged to complete a Victim Impact Statement form, but if you wish to let the judge know the impact upon you, this is available to you.  Please refer to the guide for assistance.  If you are seeking restitution for financial loss, please also complete the restitution form and include any receipts or other supporting documents.

When these documents are complete, you may bring them to the Crown Attorneys Office or Victim Witness Assistance Program (both at the court house at 125 North Brodie Street), or to the police station, to be added to the file.  Please be advised that any Victim Impact Statements must be disclosed to defence counsel.

Impact Statement Form (Word Doc Version)

Impact Statement Form (PDF Version)

Restitution:  What are you entitled to?

If you have suffered financial loss due to property damage, wage loss, medical expenses etc as a direct result of this incident, you may request restitution using this form.  The court needs it to be filled out completely and accurately, and any supporting documents must be included.  When you have completed it, please drop it off at the Crown Attorneys Office, Victim Witness Assistance Program (both at the court house at 125 North Brodie Street) or at the police station, to be added to the file.  Please be advised that this information will be disclosed to defence counsel.

What is Restitution?

Restitution Form