Core Functions

The activities of police services within the province are governed by legislation as per the Police Services Act.  Policing continues to be one of the most heavily regulated professions.

In 1999, the Ontario Government introduced the Police Adequacy and Effectiveness Standards Regulation.  This regulation targeted six core functions that must be addressed by every police service in the province:

  • Crime prevention
  • Law enforcement
  • Victim’s assistance
  • Public order maintenance
  • Emergency response services
  • Administration and infrastructure


We empower our workforce and collaborate with community partners to design and deliver innovative police services.



We value TRUST: We work hard every day to rebuild and maintain  trust in every relationship

We value INTEGRITY: We act with honesty and fairness at all times and at all levels. 

We value LEADERSHIP: We lead with vision and courage to positively change outcomes. 

We value INCLUSIVITY: We welcome the diversity of all individuals; treating them fairly and respectfully, and providing equal access to services, opportunities and resources. 

We value COLLABORATIONS: We achieve improved outcomes, greater innovation and flexibility in our response to change when we work with partners and diverse communities as a team.